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Lorry Watch

Lorry Watch

Lorry Watch is a scheme run by local residents. Community volunteers record details of lorries that are suspected of using unsuitable roads or not sticking to the limits and restrictions.

Once the information is collected, it is passed to Kent Police who can find the vehicle’s registered keeper.

If the vehicle is ignoring the legal limits and restrictions, the police contact the company and warn them that if they continue it may result in formal action.

Alkham now has Lorry Watch.

Lorry Watch is a joint project between Kent County Council, Kent Police and local communities. Local residents are empowered to record the details of large vehicles using unsuitable routes or routing through areas with a weight, height or width restriction.
Residents, provided with temporary signage (not to be placed on street lighting furniture) and high visibility jackets, organise themselves to collect vehicle details which are then passed on to Kent Police.

Kent Police use the registration details to obtain the contact details of British vehicles and where a single company or vehicle is observed more than once the company is contacted by the Police.

The company is subsequently asked about their business in the area. If they are breaching a restriction then they are warned against further use of this route. Where the company has legitimate business in the area this is fed back to the local community. In instances where there is no restriction in place but the roads are deemed unsuitable the company is contacted by KCC to ask that they avoid the area wherever possible and to make them aware of alternative routes.

We need your help. If you would like to volunteer, or would like some more information, please contact Cllr Martin Hibbert, or Steve Edwards and Glyn Jones at [email protected] .